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Dr. David T. Rubin on Transabdominal Ultrasound for IBD: Lessons from STARDUST Substudy on Ustekinumab

Dr. David T. Rubin on Transabdominal Ultrasound for IBD: Lessons from STARDUST Substudy on Ustekinumab

Intestinal ultrasound has become a useful tool in assessing disease progression and pathophysiology of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It’s an approach to visualizing the intestines using a transabdominal ultrasound probe to provide real-time information. But could research from the STARDUST substudy on ustekinumab provide new options for these patients? Tune in with Dr. Peter Buch for an in-depth conversation with Dr. David Rubin, Professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. Click here for the full talk from GI Insights on ReachMD’s website.

Dr. Noa Krugliak Cleveland Discusses Her Award-Winning Research on Decreasing Time to Treatment Change and Remission in IBD Patients

At this year’s ACG (American College of Gastroenterology) Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Dr. Noa Krugliak Cleveland gave an oral presentation on her award-winning abstract “Monitoring IBD by Intestinal Ultrasound Decreases Time to Treatment Change and Time to Remission in Comparison to Conventional Management.” Click here to further understand these added benefits of intestinal ultrasound.

IBD Drive Time Podcast: Ethical Issues in Clinical Trials

Take a listen to the third episode of a four-part series wherein Professor Rubin guest-hosts the Gastroenterology Learning Network’s IBD Drive Time and discusses the ethics of clinical trials in IBD, as well as challenges to recruitment, alongside Professor Severine Vermeire (KU Leuven, Belgium) and Professor Dan Turner (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel).

Dr. David T. Rubin Guest-Hosts IBD Drive Time, Again!

In the second of a four-part series guest-hosting the Gastroenterology Learning Network’s IBD Drive Time, Dr. Rubin discusses the impact of the obstacles of the prior authorization process on patients and providers. Listen here, as he is joined by David Choi, specialty clinical pharmacist and associate director of the IBD center at UChicago, and Mona Shah, senior director of policy and strategy at Community Catalyst, a nonprofit organization that aims to ground healthcare policy and practice change goals within community.

Dr. David T. Rubin Guest-Hosts IBD Drive Time

Take a listen to Dr. Rubin discuss the impact of inflammatory bowel disease on sexual function with University of Chicago’s GI psychologist, Dr. Alyse Bedell, and pelvic floor physical therapist, Sarah Macaraeg.

Dr. Noa Krugliak Cleveland Introduces Us to the Usage of Intestinal Ultrasound in IBD Care

Intestinal ultrasound (IUS) is a disease monitoring modality for IBD that is new to the United States. Dr. Noa Krugliak Cleveland is one of just a handful of experts in the country on IUS. Click here to listen to the full conversation where she provides an overview of her experience with ultrasound: from patients’ responses to insurance processes to integrating it across North America, and everything in between.